Argentina Dreaming!

Sea Trout and Browns - Rio Gallegos & Penitente

This is once again fairly over due - due to this trip happening back in March! I was lucky enough to visit the Rio Gallegos in southern Argentina to stay at El Rincon lodge. The lodge was super cosy which was good as it was pretty nippy whilst we were there, the food was awesome and the guides and staff really friendly! 

The surrounding countryside wasn't what I expected, although I wasn't sure what I was expecting. There are just vast open plains in all directions, you can see the Andes mountains in the very distance, and there are virtually no trees I assume because the wind is so strong most of the time that they just don't grow.

We had some excellent days out on the river, the weather was fairly kind, the first day was cold, raining and extremely high winds, the next couple of days were warmer and windy, leading up to one day of sun and no wind and then heading back up to cloudy and windy. A bit of wind is good, to give the water a chop and to allow the fish to be a bit braver.

The two rivers are very different the Gallegos big and powerful but some areas with slow pools, and the Penitente smaller and in some ways a much prettier river. Both were fun to fish but required different styles, the Gallegos fished with double handers and swinging flies and the Penitente could be fished with single handers and a range of different fly techniques - streamers, buzzers, dries and bombers and had many pools that could be reached one after another by foot. The lodge has 25km and 35km of private fishing on the Gallegos and Penitente respectively.

They are not easy rivers by any stretch, you had to put work in but the rewards were awesome, these rivers hold some really big spectacular fish. Both Jonny and I had a good share of browns and sea trout throughout our week, with a couple of real exceptional fish. I sadly lost a battle with a fresh 20lb sea trout, lost at the net, but the memory is still there!

The wildlife here is also pretty spectacular with rea, foxes, flamingos, skunks and armadillos to name a few!

Over all it was an amazing week and I was really sad to leave, it is deffinatly a trip I would like to do again someday.

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