Armoured Flat Fred

This is an awesome pattern I saw in an American fly magazine, I'm embarrassed to say I cannot remember who tied it! But I saw this fly and thought if I could armour plate it, it would be awesome for toothy predatory critters.  

My friend Mark fishes in Agentina for Golden Dorado most years, last time he went I tied him some Crease flies to use. He caught heaps of fish on them but the problem was because Dorado give such aggressive takes, the fly would get trashed! I knew he was off again soon so thought I'd tie him some of the Armour Plated Flat Freds and see if they lasted a bit longer!

He had an epic time, the flies caught some nice fish and faired well against these beautiful jurassic monsters. I will be testing them out this summer for some top water pike action, I will let you know how I go!

In the mean time below is the SBS for the Armour Plated Flat Fred - Have fun!

One of the many Dorado Flat Fred can be thanked for!

19) The finished Armour Plated Flat Fred.