Tying for Tarpon

Fly tying is a super addictive hobby and I cannot even begin to work out the money I must have spent on 'must have' materials over the years. I joined the Bug Bond Pro team in 2012, Foxy Tails in 2013 and Partridge and Regal in 2015 and during this time I have worked on my style and the types of flies I tie.


A few months ago a friend of mine (Phil from The Big Fish) asked me if I would tie some flies for Tarpon. After getting the chance to fish for Tarpon in Cuba, I knew that using massive double hooks on lures was not the way to fish for them! So I started some research into what flies would be best to tie. There were flies called toads, cockroaches and then the faithful streamer, the colour variations were massive - reds, oranges, purples, blacks and bright green. So the patterns shouldn't be too difficult to decide on, but the most important factor would be hooks. These are massive, ultra strong fish so the hook has to be awesome! When looking into hooks I was surprised at the size of the hooks that were recommended, I was expecting to need 6/0 hooks like for my Pike! But the hook sizes I needed were 1/0 2/0 3/0 and maybe 4/0.

I had fun tying these flies, they were relatively simple and the thought that they could lure in a massive Silver King adds to the thrill of it. I decided to add a little extra to a couple of the patterns but tying in a couple jungle cock feathers, the Salmon love them so why shouldn't the King? Well lets wait and see!..........