Piking Around


My name is Jo and I love pike fishing!  Pike are beautiful, archaic and most importantly Bad Ass!! They are complex fish which take a lifetime to understand, and I am only just beginning to scratch the surface.

The 2015 season started slow, Jonny and I concentrated on different species through the spring and summer which meant not many pike were landed. When autumn arrived we changed our attension to the Pike. We took the kayak out pretty much every weekend. We fished bright days, dull days and misty days, cool days, warmer days and bitter days, high water, low water, coloured and clear. Some days we were rewarded with large numbers of fish, one day we landed 10 pike and had a double hook up on fly netting both together. Other days we had to work really hard to provoke a take. In fact one day we fished all day and Jonny was winning the fish stakes on one lovely sized fish, it was my very last cast into a shallow piece of water by a drop off which paid off with a launched attack by a gorgeous double.

As temperatures dropped the fish were even harder to find, I knew they would be more inactive and deep, and I would pretty much have to drop they fly on their head to get a take. It was possible and using a red and white whistler fly and letting it sink and retrieving it slowly, and fighting the pain of cold in my stripping finger I managed some leach covered fish. 

I think I have fished the hardest for pike I ever have before this season, and getting to use the kayak to do so makes it all the more exciting. All of my pike this season have been caught on fly, and although I love lure fishing there is something about catching a fish on a fly, especially one I have tied myself which just makes it all the more rewarding. I have learned so much this year about the Pike, but there is still huge amounts to know, every day is a school day as they say and the only way to learn more is to fish more! What a shame|