A Sturgeon at last!

The Day After The Big Fish Semi Final - British Columbia

After my disappointing departure from The Big Fish and missing out on the final. Danny, James and I had a whole day to kill before flying back to the UK. The boys booked a boat and invited me to join them, the other option was shopping so it was a no brainer really! We head out to were the Fraser river meets the Harrison river, and drop out 4 baits. The boys let me have the first take, and it wasn't long before the rod bent over and I was into a White Sturgeon. Now after the day befores heartbreak I was not going to let this once get off and in James words I bullied the monster, it was a battle of wills and in 15 minutes of using every muscle in my body I landed a 6ft 10" stunner of a sturgeon. 

When these guys are caught, they are scanned for a microchip, if they do not have one they have one inserted. They are then measured by length and girth and this is recorded. Because of the strict fishing regulations, policing and recording of each fish has allowed this awesome fish come back from almost extinction. If it wasn't for people like us fishing for these guys, there is a good chance they would no longer be here. I felt completely overwhelmed after catching this fish and returning it, and feel so honoured to have been involved in the conservation of this special fish.